Whiterocks 500g

  • White Rocks is the revolutionary new foam action, multi task super cleaning treatment from the ceiling to the floor.

    In the kitchen, remove grease and grime from ovens and hobs to pots and pans;     

    In the bathroom, it tackles soap scum and limescale on tiles, sinks, baths and shower screens;

    Use it to bring sparkle to chrome, silver, brass and hard plastics;

    Use it to make your alloy wheels shine like new;

    Clean your garden furniture and PVC

    Mirrors and glass;

    Caravans, boats, marble;

    Bring your old trainers back to life;

    Etc, etc..

  • Damp a sponge and rub it into white Rocks. Use the smooth side of a sponge for normal cleaning and textured side for tougher jobs. Clean desired area and then rinse cold water or simply wipe with kitchen paper.


    Any sponge can be used.


    White Rocks is an ecological product with a biodegradable formula, not containing bleach, parabens or phosphates. You can use it without gloves.


    Always try the product in an incospicuous area prior to use.